Nicole K. Habl


Ms. Habl began her sole practice in January of 2006. As a sole practitioner, Ms. Habl offers her clients personalized guidance through difficult, and what are often emotional and turbulent legal matters, both in and out of court. Choosing an attorney to handle your legal matters is a very personal decision; the benefits of working with a legal practitioner like Ms. Habl include the following:

A more direct one-on-one working relationship with your lawyer. Your matter will not be lost in the shuffle because it will not be passed off to another attorney.

Lower fees and costs. Although not always the case, sole practitioners generally have lower overhead a larger law firm. Thus, it is not unusual for a sole practitioner to charge lesser fees than larger for rendering like services. Additionally, a sole practitioner will often be more inclined to take a smaller case that would not be cost effective for the larger firms.

A more informal working relationship with your attorney. You are likely to come to know everyone in your lawyer's office if he or she is a smaller practice. This can lead to a better one-on-one relationship which can make one feel more comfortable and at ease with one's legal professional and the matters at hand.

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